"Alles klar."

A website for Blaser Bauglas AG - a Swiss company manufacturing construction and decoration glass elements.

Client: promatrix ag
Services: UI/UX
Year: 2020
Status: finished

Light and bright

Blaser Bauglas AG was a Swiss company manufacturing both construction and decorative glass elements. The project started from a request from the client to refresh their website. The company underwent a small rebranding recently, and the website didn’t match the new brand colors. We got the freedom to design it in whatever way we saw fit, as long as it was modern, light, and the content from the old page remained intact. The client provided us with high quality photos, which significantly helped us with our work.

The company branding didn’t have any mark, just a letterform. I chose to incorporate an angle from the letter “L”, which became the main direction of the design. I used this angle in many graphic elements all over the website, as well as in the custom icon design. I’ve also used overexposed images to simulate a large amount of light, which can be achieved when you are surrounded by a lot of glass. Also, I used a lot of whitespace, to make the site bright and full or air.

The custom icon set I’ve created for the project shows the different services the client provided and the categories of products produced. In the end, the project consisted of more than 26 screens, both desktop and mobile.
Unfortunately, the company is no more, and the website is not up anymore.